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The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method primarily promotes fat burning while supporting muscle retention. Why is muscle retention important? A common consequence of dieting is a loss of muscle ALONG with fat. Muscle burns calories. If you lose muscle while dieting, you will have hindered your ability to burn calories, post-diet. As a result, you will be at risk of regaining your lost weight...unless you have learned how to develop better eating habits and employed a protein based diet to lose weight. Protein supports muscle mass and also satisfies the human appetite, unlike carbohydrates (sugar) and fats. Therefore, all of Ideal Protein’s food products contain an average of 15+ grams of protein to assist your muscle retention while you shed your excess pounds. Additionally, you will receive a smarter lifestyle education from your personal weight loss coach. The purpose of this education is to assist you in making better, sustainable eating choices after dieting.

If you’re tired of bouncing from one fad diet to another and frustrated with results that don’t last...contact us today to register for one of our weight loss information sessions and ask about stable weight maintenance and the path to balanced eating.

Without the Knowledge to Make Smarter Eating Choices, Dieters will Gain Back the Weight they Lost

Our clinic is located in Elliott Pharmacy inside Butcher Boy Grocery Store in Plaquemine. The goal of our clinic is to help individuals like you to set and achieve your weight loss goals. We also teach you how to maintain your weight loss once you have achieved your target weight. We start by meeting with you and explaining how the protocol works so that you can decide if it is the right choice for you.

If you decide to start the protocol we help you by recommending different foods to try for the first 2 weeks. You have the option of trying other foods as well if you prefer. You will come in for scheduled weekly 15 to 20 minute meetings in which we will weigh and measure you as well as do a body composition analysis if you would like. Then you purchase your menu items for the next week. See our testimonials page for real life results that some of our clients have accomplished.

Our coach and co-owner is Amy Walker. Amy is also a registered nurse with 14 years experience of compassionate care to patients of all ages. A graduate of Northwestern State University school of nursing, her career began as a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse in Shreveport, Louisiana. She has spent the last 11 years as a charge nurse in the surgery department of a local hospital. Amy has received numerous awards for excellence in not only her ability as a nurse but also for her care and compassion toward each and every patient. It is this level of care and professionalism that will help you achieve your weight loss goals and learn how to maintain them.

The other co-owner and husband of Amy for 12 years is Wyatt Walker. Wyatt is a graduate of University of Louisiana Monroe School of Pharmacy. He is currently employed as a pharmacy manager of a local independent pharmacy and is co-owner of Elliott Pharmacy in Plaquemine. He has spent his career serving customers in many different pharmacies across the state. His experience in customer service has inspired him to open this clinic along with Amy so that they can help to create a healthier lifestyle for as many people they can.

Pick up the phone and give us a call 225-754-2812, we’ll help you to achieve your weight loss goals and teach you to live at a stable weight!

The Method

There are four phases in the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol. During all four Phases you will receive one-on-one coaching, teaching you how your body gains weight and what you should be eating in order to maintain a balanced weight.

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Whatever your dieting history is, it's in the past... and starting today you can stop letting your past dictate your future, because our weight loss program offers dieters what they really want... a structured plan that can offer an end to yo-yo dieting.

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